Things I Use

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I prioritize privacy and user freedom, so it goes without saying that I use mostly free software.


All of these are cross-platform, so I can add individual games directly to my start menu with xdg-open.


Gunpla retailers

I'm working on making RSS Bridges for each of these sites so I or anyone else can get notified whenever they get new stock. For now, I have a nice little system where I have a folder of bookmarks for categories RG through PG on each of these sites, and I can open them all at once in a new window and then just cycle through them with Ctrl-W until I reach the end.

I also love the FMHY wiki - I can't tell you what it is or what it stands for, or that you can append .tk or .cf to that set of letters to find out, but check it out!


Anything I should or shouldn't have? Send me a comment on the homepage!